Schnapps Ó carón do Lume

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1 Bottle of brandy Ó carón do Lume


Schnapps Ó carón do Lume

The quintessence of the spirit of wine is born from the alchemical genius of the “aguardenteiro” and transcends into aguardiente. «Ó Carón do Lume» is a distillate of orujo, obtained by traditional methods.

Aged for ten years in oak barrels, it expresses delicate varietal aromas, a dark golden color and a smooth mouthfeel resulting from the passage of time and careful preparation.


It is an artisanal elaboration in a copper still, of the fermented pomace of our wines, mixing 50% white and red wine pomace.

The distillation is carried out over low heat, disregarding the distillate first, with which harmful elements are eliminated, such as methyl alcohol, copper and methyl acetate and the distillation is stopped when the final distillate drops to 45ºVol, resulting in the final product with a alcoholic degree of 50ºVol.

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